I read an immense amount of news everyday, and many of the blogs I read are political in one way or another. My interest in politics has always been very high, and, with the approach of the election, I find that politics is spilling into my weblog and I’ve been writing more and more politics-related stories lately.
I don’t want political stories to swamp this space, but I don’t really want to give up on pointing out interesting stories and chiming in with my own two cents. Aleah has proposed — and I think that this is a good idea — that I start a separate page for those links and mini-stories.
My question to you is: how do I do this so that you will read it? The sidebars on this page are clogged to hell with stuff. I was thinking that I could put a link in the same area as the links to the news stories and the greatest hits. What do you think?