Work Ride

Interesting. Initially, I tried to publish a map showing my weekly Wednesday to the bar and back (for quiz night), but the XML parser barfed on the file (even though it displayed the content correctly), displaying a bunch of warning messages. I had problems with my GPS unit1 during the ride, so maybe that’s what caused the barfing. Anyway, here’s a ride I did this weekend to work and back:

Elevation Profile
Speed Profile

In the future, I hope to ride to work one more times a week, simply because the route is really nice, and, at 20 miles round trip, a pretty good workout.

Edit: Well, this is still barfing. I had some trouble with my heart monitor at the beginning of my ride back, so perhaps that is the problem? I’m going to go ahead and leave this one up with the warnings and see if I have trouble with the next map I publish.

1 Problem: I accidentally powered down the GPS unit in the middle of the ride while attempting to activate the backlight, because I am stupid.

Ride Around Hope Ranch

Ride with Rasa and Ben this afternoon:

Elevation Profile
Speed Profile

I’ve never ridden with other people before, so I was a little worried about the pace I would be able to keep, particularly since my memory of that area was that it was pretty hilly. It turned out not to be a big deal. The road wasn’t nearly as hilly as I remember, and my pace on the flat was fine.

Self Portrait

This is me, I think.

Are adenoids deforming your child?

via copyranter.

Another GPS Data Test …

Here’s another ride.

I did this one today after replacing the crank shaft part of my cadence sensor (basically, a magnet attached to the crank that registers a cycle of the crank every time the crank shaft goes by a sensor attached to the chain stay. The sensor is almost certainly a Hall effect sensor), which, I think, fell off at some point during my previous ride. I used a small NdFeB magnet I happened to have in my office (I have so very many magnets in my office).

Elevation Profile
Speed Profile

I’m curious if this thingy I use to turn .gpx files from my Garmin Edge 305 into map data will display cadence (revolutions per minute) data.

Edit: Nope, although I did figure out how to display my heartrate data … which doesn’t seem to be working. Oh, well.

Test of Google Maps XML Link

Here is my attempt to view a GPX file of a ride I did today using a plugin:

Elevation Profile
Speed Profile

Did it work?

Edit: Looks like it did. Yay!

Test Drive

Last night, I started the update from Movable Type 4.1 to Movable Type 5.01. Unfortunately, the database backend (where all of my useless keypresses are stored) for MT wasn’t very excited about being updated, and it took a big dump on me in the middle of the upgrade process. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, since, being a genius and everything, I performed not just one, but both types of backups before starting the upgrade process. Take that, prematurely released software!

The joke was still on me, however, as it turns out that MT 5 doesn’t support importing from one of the types of backups, and the other backup didn’t work because that format is retardedly specific, and MT’s database schema had changed between the versions1. Basically, what I found out was that I would have to wipe out everything on my webserver, reinstall Movable Type 4.1, upgrade to Movable Type 4.3, backup again, wipe everything out, install MT 5, and then restore the backup from 4.3 to 5. So, yeah, I decided not to do that.

Instead, I elected to give WordPress a spin. It seems pretty okay. I think it’s a little too early to tell which I like best (I already see some strengths and weaknesses for each). We’ll have to see how this goes.

1 Q: Why would someone design a backup system that preserves things like field names in a database instead of simply preserving the content that everyone actually cares about? A: That person would have to be stupid, because there is no good reason to do so.

So …

I’ve been doing some neat science experiments, which I wanted to write about. Unfortunately, spam problems for the version of Movable Type that I have installed have been so friggin’ nasty that I decided to disable comments and take a powder until the new version of MT was released. The release of MT was pushed back to Jan 5, so I’m hoping to install it not too long afterward and put up some pics and writeups of the fun stuff I’ve been working on.

Coming Soon: Some Mad Science Shit

No shit. I’ve got pictures and everything. High voltage, powerful magnets, the whole nine yards.

Hello Kitty Dream Carnival

I am having a recurring dream in which the RAM in my computer is bad, and I (I think) correctly diagnose this problem. Ideas?

A Short List Of Reasons Why I am Excited That Amazon Might Announnce A Large-Format Kindle Tomorrow

  1. I am a little bit drunk, and that sort of thing appeals to me in this state
  2. I just ordered two books on Cocoa programming for Mac OS X last night. These books will be obsolete in probably a year or so, and there is no reason to have physical copies of them. I wouldn’t have to recycle electronic copies of those books, nor keep them around on a book shelf
  3. 1 and 2 pretty much cover it, actually